Paid to click

Paid to click, no investment, paying sites only

There are a lot of sites out there. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of time with scams, with sites which don’t pay or pay very late. Here there are only the sites which have paid me very fast. Don’t be impressed of the sites which promise of paying a lot for one click. The general price would be around 0.001 $ / click. Whatever is bigger than that you should be careful with. Don’t invest only because a site promise you some big gifts in return or some big advantages. Like in life, whatever is too beautiful to be true, it is for sure a scam. If you need more advises, please, drop down a few lines on Contact or on blog.

Clixsense – limit 8$ GridGame Proofs8 $ limit

EBesucher limit 2EUR Proofs

Advertising in the visitor and mail exchange

EasyHits4U – limit 3$ ProofsTraffic Exchange with 760,000+ members

Earneasycash limit 1$ Proofs

EBesucher limit 2EUR Proofs

Advertising in the visitor and mail exchange

Surfmore limit 2 EUR Sent to Ebesucher


Internet marketing with a cube


Cashnhits limit 1$ Proofs

Cashtream limit 0.5$ Proofs

Clickfair limit 1 $ Coin Prize –  Proofs

Ojoo limit 2 $ Proofs

Jillsclickcorner limit 1 $ Proofs

Instabux limit 2 $ No Proofs yet

Zapbux limit 4 $ No Proofs Yet

Cashadda no limit Proofs

CodeOClick limit 0.5$ Proofs

CPTGem limit 6 $ No Proofs Yet

Goldenclix limit 5$ No Proofs Yet

CashCamel limit 0.1 $ Proofs

Legacyclicks limit 4 $ GridProofs

Hitbandit limit 10 $

Resbux limit 4 $

Anzeigen lesen limit 10 $

Cashinsolos limit 2 $

Hits4Pay limit 25 $

LogiPtc limit 5 EUR

Get Paid for Browsing the Internet with LogiPTC


Paidtologin limit 0.1$ Proofs

paid to login


Nerdbux limit 4$ Proofs Nerdgrid Deleted account for no reason – NERDBUX IS A SCAM! Details here

BuxPHP Limit 4$ limit 1.5$ – NOT PAYING

Naidbux limit 8$NOT PAYING

Smileytraffic limit 20 $ – increased the limit from 2 to 20 Details here

Twickerz limit 10$ – I gave up – no way to make 10 $ there 🙂

Primsia limit 5$ Deleted account for no reason

Closed limit 2$ Bux-Ptc limit 2.5 EUR

Clicksia – limit 1$ Proofs

Incentria – limit 1$ Proofs

Clicz4freaks limit 3$ – NO PROOF

PTCSolution limit 2$ Proofs   –    Grid

Clixsters from PTCSolution limit 4 $ Proofs



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